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Reliable Solution Partner for Over 20 Years

Herliman International Transport Domestic and Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti. 20Since 02, it has been serving our customers with the principle of fast, reliable, solid and honesty in international transportation, import and export. We have adopted growing together as a vision by presenting them to you as principles. Growing together, acquiring more markets and, most importantly, ensuring continuity has been our basic principle. Together with our professional team, we always offer our service standards at the optimal level to your service.

Our Vision

Based on fast, reliable and timely delivery to our customers with our professional working team; We have adopted the vision of establishing friendships that will last for years with you, our valued customers, and thus having a say in the sector.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep our system up-to-date at all times by keeping up with the ever-changing world and ever-evolving technologies, focusing on renewing itself, and to be a company that bears responsibility, not just a burden, in the road transport sector, knowing reliability as the basic principle.

CMR (Overseas Carrier's Responsibility)

CMR insurance guarantees the legal responsibilities of the international road transport companies, arising from the CMR contract, which is an international agreement that draws the border of the carrier's responsibility to the cargo owner, with the specified conditions and limits.

That's why all your loads are secured with CMR insurance.



"World Transport
Connecting the Continents"

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